What Grizzly Bears Can Teach About Marketing?

Smarter than your average bear

Smarter than your average bear

“Bear” with me a moment. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Let’s suppose you are grizzly bear. To get ready for hibernation, you need to pack on some pounds, fast. As much as three pounds a day.

Since you were a cub, you’ve known that if you get in that stream, you’ll have more than enough fish just about jump into your mouth. Which, if you think about it, is much more efficient than trying to chase them down. Because you may be a half ton of muscle, claws, and teeth, capable of sprinting 25mph for short distances, but the water is not your element. And fish are quicker. And slippery as a… well, you know.

So instead of chasing fish upstream, you park yourself in a comfortable spot where you know they will be, and let them come to you.

See where I’m going with this?

Would you rather chase your customers down – hoping to generate interest with newspaper ads, or mailers, or door hangers, or some other “spray and pray” method?

OR – would you rather stake out a spot where you know they will be when they need your product or service, and let them come to you?

Over 90 percent of people now rely on online reviews when they’re deciding where to buy. They already know what they want, but want to be confident that they’re giving their money to the right business. They’re not just looking for the first business they find on Google. People are now relying on information they find online about that business – online reviews.

So be a clever bear, and make sure your potential customers are going to find positive, compelling testimonials from your current clientele.

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