The coolest “No” I ever got

I got the coolest rejection the other day.

I had been referred to an attorney specializing in elder care, Paul Stano. I was somewhat aware of his practice – his office is on Pearl Road in Parma Heights, between W. 130th and York. Great location. I must have seen the sign outside his office thousands of times.senior couple eating dinner

Everything I knew about his practice said he should be a good prospect for me: successful practice, does some advertising, already had a website, but not many reviews online. Everything about the business – but I didn’t know anything about Paul.

His marketing is handled by the very capable Ivana Taylor. I pitched her and she thought he might be interested. The answer he gave her left me without a sale, but really impressed with the man.

She explained that Paul weighs the potential benefit of any new marketing program against the value of donating those dollars to senior citizens or veterans programs. Actually, the calculation was “How many turkeys would that buy?” Meaning, how many turkeys could he provide for a senior in a nursing home with nobody to visit them on Thanksgiving.

In the end, I couldn’t argue against that. Who could? And I was reminded of a valuable lesson. Business owners are a lot of things, but they’re people, too. And sometimes, making sure someone has a turkey dinner outweighs getting a few more clients.

Happy Thanksgiving, Paul.