“I can’t ask for testimonials!”

get more customers with your testimonials I had an excellent business turn down our Reputation Video Marketing beta program because the owner wasn’t comfortable asking for testimonials.

At first, I had no response to that. Testimonials are one of the most common forms of promotion, and for good reason: they work. When prospects find a business that helped someone just like them, it’s powerful social proof and one of the most effective means of getting new customers. Think of it this way: what would you find more persuasive – the business owner telling you how great his company is, or another customer telling you how great the company is?

I understand why some business owners – especially medical professionals – might be reluctant to use a testimonial gathering strategy. That’s why our Reputation Marketing Strategy provides training for all employees in customer-facing roles, to teach them how to get powerful testimonials without being “pushy.”

But refusing to solicit testimonials at all takes away one of the most powerful marketing tools any business can use.