How Internet Marketing Is Like Dog Years | 20 Years of Changes for Small Business

Things change fast internet marketing world. I like to joke it’s like dog years. Looking back to when I first started using the internet for marketing, it’s pretty amazing at how different things are. And in [&hellip

What Grizzly Bears Can Teach About Marketing?

“Bear” with me a moment. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) Let’s suppose you are grizzly bear. To get ready for hibernation, you need to pack on some pounds, fast. As much as three pounds a day. Since [&hellip

Let us get your business on the first page of Google – by January!

  If you’re not on Page One of Google, your business is invisible You may have heard that the vast majority of people – as much as 75% – don’t go past the first page [&hellip

No website? How does a website in 30 days sound?

Perfect Website Design for Small Businesses – Up and Running in 30 Days Forty-seven percent of small businesses in the US don’t have a website. That’s amazing to me. For 90% of consumers, the web [&hellip

The coolest “No” I ever got

I got the coolest rejection the other day. I had been referred to an attorney specializing in elder care, Paul Stano. I was somewhat aware of his practice – his office is on Pearl Road [&hellip

“I can’t ask for testimonials!”

I had an excellent business turn down our Reputation Video Marketing beta program because the owner wasn’t comfortable asking for testimonials

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